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BEKEY is looking to hire an International Sales Consultant

BEKEY A/S is 100% owned by the listed company North Media A/S. North Media Group was founded in 1965 and is today a group with 672 employees and a turnover of approximately 1.2 billion DKK.

In 2009 BEKEY was founded to solve a problem that started with a simple question “All delivery personnel have cell phones, why can’t they just get access to the buildings with those, instead of depending on a tenant buzzing them in?” From this question came BEKEY’s first product – a Smart-RELAY system designed for opening the front door of apartment complexes with your phone. This product is now installed in 40% of all apartment buildings in the Danish capital Copenhagen and more than 20 % of all Danish municipalities use BEKEY’s access control system.

NETKEY sits at the heart of BEKEY. The name is used for both the backend – securely storing permissions and controlling the distribution of keys to individual users’ devices – as well as the web-based administration panel used by business customers and BEKEY personnel alike.

BEKEYs backend is a distributed software application, able to scale to hundreds of thousands of simultaneous users with response times measured in milliseconds, and flexible enough to support different types of access control hardware. The backend features integrations to external authentication and care planning systems (e.g. Microsoft Active Directory, KMD Care, KMD Nexus) and provides a comprehensive API for integration of third-party systems.

BEKEYs web-based administration panel NETKEY is built in a modular way and relies on user permissions to make features available to different audiences. It is thus able to cater to BEKEYs operations department and BEKEYs distribution partners – e.g. for managing customers – as well as business and government customers, who use the intuitive UI to manage users, installation jobs, addresses/devices and of course grant and revoke digital keys. Built solely on top of the backend’s API, NETKEY also serves as a showcase for the features possible with a direct integration between BEKEYs solution and third-party systems.

Your work tasks:

  • Segmentation of new potential, international, clientele (primarily in the USA). Segmentation consists of identifying companies, to whom BEKEY’s API-software could be a technical fit for, creating a business case to support the thesis and setting the initiation for a possible partnership.
  • Segmentation of new potential, international, clientele (primarily in the USA). Segmentation consists of identifying companies, to whom BEKEY’s Bluetooth PCB chipset could be a technical fit for, creating a business case to support the thesis and setting the initiation for a possible partnership.
  • Conducting meetings and sales toward the potential client/partner. By phone or physical meetings. You carry the end-to-end responsibility.
  • Contract negotiation in collaboration with the Head of International Sales and the CEO.
  • Maintaining the business relation to initiated partnerships, and exploring additional international ventures together with the partners hereby creating financial value for both BEKEY and the partner.
  • Project planning the software integration process, together with the CTO or IT Project Manager.
  • Planning the international expansion with the Head of International Sales, and executing the strategy accordingly.
  • Being able to create your own, value-adding tasks.

Your profile:

Highly knowledgeable within IT, hereunder API fundamentals and integrations, with a proven track record of sales and partnership achievements. It is mandatory that you know how to work individually and without regular supervision, hence the job requires travelling and often, you will be working solitarily. Results and achievements are the main factor for your altitude of success, and it is important that these elements are your primary motivation.

We expect you to have:

  • A systematic and structured approach to problem solving, working independently and being able to create an overview of potentials and road-mapping.
  • Experience with IT and Sales is an absolute must. Minimum 8 years of sales and contract negotiation.
  • International experience is a plus.
  • Experience with negotiating and agreeing contracts.
  • Proven track-record of previous accomplishments.
  • Fluency in written and oral English

You are:

  • You are loyal and diligent by nature. Contributing with over-time work on regular basis, is not an obstacle.
  • In understanding and acceptance, that the job requires working in different time-zones.

BEKEY offers:

An exciting international position in a growing company, where you will be a key figure within the expansion into new industries and markets. You get free reign to form and develop your own position in BEKEY. The culture is partially formal and the organization is non-hierarchical.

We have a dynamic and challenging work environment with highly engaged colleagues who keep spirits high and are proud to represent BEKEY. We offer an attractive salary package, a hefty yearly bonus (paid based on quantity, not target), pension plan and health insurance.

BEKEY is looking to start employment of the International Sales Consultant as soon as possible, and the employee will refer to the Head of International Sales.

If interested, please apply as soon as possible. We look forward to receiving your CV, and interviews will be conducted on a continuous basis. If you would like more information and details about this position, please contact Zivo Lazic, Head of International Sales on +45 31 20 90 00.

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