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Do you have experience in operation and service of process plants? Do you have the motivation and ambition to make the world a better place to live? Hydrogen as a green alternative to fossil fuels must be made commercially. Everfuel has the vision and plans ready and the projects are continuously rolling into the order book, so that is why a number of new positions are being created – are you the next Everfueller?

Everfuel is the new fuel company in Europe – providing green hydrogen for larger vehicle fleets like buses, trucks, and taxies. Everfuel provides the missing link between renewable energy and green transportation as a partner, owner, and operator of PtX plants, hydrogen distribution, and hydrogen fueling stations.

About the position

As Operation Manager, it will be your responsibility to ensure the efficient and well-functioning operation of hydrogen fueling stations and hydrogen distribution, and subsequently also PtX electrolysis plants. You must ensure that the plants run optimally, including that service plans are established and implemented on an ongoing basis. You will run a plant in collaboration with a growing team and partners. Of course, you develop backup plans so that there is always a plan B at the time of downtime. It is your responsibility that hydrogen is produced, that the hydrogen is transported to the hydrogen fueling stations and that the stations are operational. In the job you will work with the technique but also collaborate with engineers to optimize the operation through analysis of a wide range of operational data.

You become the first employee of the Operations Department and therefore you are given responsibility for building processes and tools that ensure a well-functioning department. You also become the hands-on guy who is not afraid to get dirty fingers, as you will spend most of your time on the company's construction sites. You will work closely with the company's subcontractors of electrolysis plants and hydrogen fueling stations as well as with subcontractors on the transport of hydrogen to the fueling stations. One of the first large plants you will work with is a hydrogen plant in Fredericia, which will have a capacity of 20 MW with the possibility of expanding up to 1 GW. You take over established facilities when Project Management announces the installation project completed and then ensures the subsequent operation.

Your tasks and project responsibilities will for a start include:

  • Operation of Stations
  • Operation of Trailers
  • Operation of Electrolysers
  • Secure back-up operation and supply in case of failures
  • Operation budget responsible
  • Contact to external maintenance teams
  • Recommend optimization

You refer to the company’s CEO, Jacob Krogsgaard. The company currently consists of the 5 founding Everfuellers. Three new hires will be completed at the beginning of 2020 and by the end of 2020, the organization is expected to have grown to 15-20 employees.

About you

You have a wide technical education, for example as a Mechanical Engineer, so you can take on tasks in many different technical areas, both electrical, mechanical and process. You probably have 3-4 years of experience and are ready to assume an independent responsibility in a company where no firm framework and processes have been established yet. You need to have good learning ability, as you need to be familiar with the different types of plants so that you can contribute quickly. You have theoretical flight altitude but you also have a good hands-on approach to getting the tasks done.

You must have the drive and courage to carry the ideas from plan to reality, and you must be close to your plants so that you know the status and know where to set in. You need to have attention to the details, but without losing yourself into the details, as it is important that you always know the big picture and show timely care.

Most of the time you will be present at the various sites, and will initially get some assignments at the current and future hydrogen fueling stations in the Copenhagen area and at the upcoming electrolysis factory in Fredericia. Residence near Copenhagen or Fredericia can, therefore, be an advantage. However, you must be ready to drive to the company's office in Høgild near Herning when needed.

You become part of an entrepreneurial environment, where the pace is high and where the sky is the limit. You are passionate about your work and motivated by being able to make a difference. You contribute to creating a positive community where ambition and seriousness are followed up with good collegiality and collaboration. You must be ready to make decisions and create momentum. You are not afraid to grasp the details and you get your tasks completed. The customer is always first - and you live up to this.

You are strong at communication and your Danish and English are at the negotiating level both verbal and written. If you also know other languages, this is an advantage. Everfuel uses Dynamics 365 as an ERP system, which is why experience with Dynamics is an advantage.

About Everfuel

Everfuel provides the missing link between renewable energy and green transportation. Everfuel is making hydrogen mobility for heavy-duty vehicles commercially available in Europe. The company is situated in the beautiful surrounding in Høgild near Herning. Learn more about the company www.everfuel.com

Application and contact

Please send your application and CV to PRO&CO through this link and the button “Søg stillingen”, as soon as possible. We are doing interviews on an ongoing basis.

Starting date: as soon as possible.

If you want to hear more about the position, please feel free to contact
Kristian Reinevald – PRO&CO: +45 96 60 32 00

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