International career

Preparing for an interview

How will you answer the question: Tell me about yourself? Formulate a brief, concise and relevant presentation of yourself. Practice saying your presentation aloud in front of the mirror and be especially sharp in your introduction. The presentation should last only a few minutes.

The interview

At the interview you will be assessed from the moment you walk in the door. The way you enter the room, your handshake, and your voice is all part of the impression you give. And first impressions can be crucial. An elusive gaze and a limp handshake gives the impression of a vague person, while a confident and cocky style may seem provocative to some people.

Are you considering a career shift?

Do you dream of doing something completely different, not just something similar to what you are doing today? According to the American career consultant Marti Smye, author of the book Is It Too Late to Run Away and Join the Circus? A Guide for Your Second Life, all too many of us stay in situations that make us unhappy.

Good habits for creating a balance between life and work

Do you find that work has a tendency to take over more and more of your free time? If so, you are definitely not alone. However, developing a number of good habits will help you to create a more balanced lifestyle.

How to negotiate a better salary

Preparation, both of yourself and your boss, is vital, as is a realistic appraisal of the opportunities facing you at this stage of your career.

Ten tips for a killer CV

Do you want to know how to write a killer CV? Read more here for the do's and dont's according to layout, spelling and much more.

Working in the UK

From the middle of the nineties the British economy and its labour markets have shown very positive developments compared to many other European countries.

Working in Canada

Thorough planning of your stay in Canada is compulsory before you book your flight and pack your suitcase.

Working in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands job market policy follows very progressive trains of thought.

Working in USA

The land of the American Dream is also the land of hire and fire. As quickly as you are employed you can be sacked.

Working in Germany

There are no restrictions for citizens of the EU with respect to residence and work permits in Germany (freedom of residence inside the EU). However, you must apply for a residence permit for formal reasons.

Working in New Zealand

Even though New Zealand also faces problems of unemployment, there is demand for certain jobs.

Working in Belgium

Any foreigner living in Belgium has to have a valid work permit after three months of residence in Belgium.

Working in Sweden

To get more special information on Danes working in Sweden.

Working in Italy

Requirements for assuming a job in Italy.

Working In Norway

Being largely dependent on exports, the modern Norwegian economy is internation­ally oriented. Norway’s main target markets are the other European, above all, the other Nordic countries.

Working in France

If you want to work in France, what you need more than anything else is a good command of French.