The interview

At the interview you will be assessed from the moment you walk in the door. The way you enter the room, your handshake, and your voice is all part of the impression you give. And first impressions can be crucial. An elusive gaze and a limp handshake gives the impression of a vague person, while a confident and cocky style may seem provocative to some people.

It is also about finding the balance between humility and self-confidence in a way that reflects who you are, and make sure that you match the business.

A job interview usually follows this outline

  • Small-talk between you and the interviewer
  • The interviewer presents the people interviewing and the company
  • You will be asked to present yourself
  • Talk about your profile, tasks and challenges - here it's mostly the interviewer who asks the questions
  • Your questions and further dialogue
  • Round off and agreement on the further process

Ensure you start the interview in an equal dialogue by asking questions along the way - also when the interviewer talks about the company. It is important that you show initiative and interest and help define the conversation with the thoughts that you have done on the job . So you have to constantly ask questions and remember to listen actively to the answers.

You must also be prepared, that the hiring committee can to ask you something , you haven't prepared, or to take things in a different order than you had expected.

The interview will assess whether you...

  • ...have good self-awareness
  • ...have a good understanding of the content and tasks of the job and the motivation for this
  • ...have an understanding of the business and industry
  • ...have personality that fits the company, and a positive approach to the job
  • ...have the right skills

10 tips for job interview

  • Be well prepared, but still curious
  • Be yourself - in your best edition
  • Show initiative, speak and ask - dialogue
  • Remember to listen - do not interrupt - and be present
  • Speak well of your previous employer - even the boss
  • Be positive - do not be defensive
  • Think of what you can do for the company - not the other way
  • Be aware of your body language - display openness
  • Dress so that you match the job and the company
  • Be on time - and act like a guest