From time to time you need a little extra when recruiting for management positions. Perhaps the location of the work place makes attracting applicants a challenge, or perhaps applicants with the desired skill level are in short supply.

To help you overcome any recruitment hurdles, we have put together a number of products that supplement your job ad. Not all products match your recruitment needs and we would like to offer you further guidance if you like.

StepStone QuickApply


With StepStone QuickApply, you get access to an online application system that helps you take control of your next recruitment in a smarter, simpler and more professional way. All you need is a job ad at and you will automatically gain access to the system – free of charge.

You gain a simple overview of all applications and access to email templates such as confirmation of receipt of application, invitation for job interview and rejection letter. It is easy and ensures happy applicants.

Skyscraper Banner

4,950 DKK/week

We design and code a banner as an animated gif-file according to your graphic design wishes. The banner is posted in the right hand column of our front page or on selected subpages. The price includes production of the banner.

Customised Graphic Template for job ads

3,500 DKK

Increase your company’s branding and stand out with a Customised Personal Template for all your active job ads at StepStone. The template typically consists of a fixed top and/or bottom which show your company’s visual identity and logo.

Banner production

2,000 DKK

We design and code a banner based on your requests and tailor it to reflect your visual identity.

Front Page Job

1,000 DKK/week

A Front Page Job entails showing your job ad on the front page of StepStone for a week. With a Front Page Job applicants are introduced to your vacant position the moment they enter our website. This highlights your job advert and results in more views.

We reserve the right to price changes and errors. All prices are excl. VAT.