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Don't Believe These 20 Myths About In­ter­na­tio­nal Recru­it­ment – Part 1

When it comes to international recruitment, there are many myths that might keep you from hiring the best talent for a certain job. If you're considering recruiting internationally, you might hear these myths and wonder if you're making the best decision.

From cost to issues with local talent, these myths can prevent you from doing what's best for your business. Know the top 20 myths about international recruitment before you expand your search. Get the facts and make the best decision for your company.

1. Individuals hired from other countries take jobs from local talent

Fact: Due to the challenges involved in hiring workers from other countries, most companies only hire international employees when the skill set they need doesn't exist in the local talent pool. In fact, teams of leaders from another country often start new businesses and create new jobs in young economies.

2. Obtaining a Visa for an international employee is too difficult

Fact: The cost and difficulty involved in obtaining a visa is almost always worth it. This is especially true of you're looking for a specific skill set. Get the talent you need and you'll be glad you took the extra time to help an employee obtain a work visa.

3. An international employee might take longer to assimilate to my company

Fact: Most international employees adjust easily to a new culture. Many people around the world have experience in several languages, and the added diversity can reap dividends in building understanding and bringing new ideas to your business.

4. Unique backgrounds and experiences could create challenges within an organization

Fact: Employees with different backgrounds and experiences add valuable resources to any company. New techniques and skills can increase productivity in any organization.

5. Foreign employees are only interested in short-term work

Fact: While many international employees find employment on a temporary basis, many are looking for long-term work with a single company. Don't assume that a worker isn't interested in working for you long-term.

6. My company needs extensive legal training to hire an international employee

Fact: Basic in-house legal counsel has all the training required to successfully hire a foreign employee.

7. Only large businesses should recruit internationally

Fact: Whether your company is a large, multinational corporation or a small local operation, quality employees are your most important asset. If you can't find the right candidate locally, expanding your search to find the right fit is appropriate for a company of any size.

8. Recruiting internationally takes too much time

Fact: With current recruiting software, getting applications from international employees takes no longer than local recruiting techniques.

9. In a high unemployment market, there's plenty of local talent

Fact: If you're looking for specific skills, there could still be a shortage of local talent. Search internationally to get the skill set you need to help your company succeed.

10. International employees are only appropriate for certain positions

Fact: If you can't find the right fit for a position locally, it's always acceptable to expand your search. Finding the right candidate can improve the work environment and ease the strain on company leaders. From minor roles to leadership positions, take the time to find the right employee for your company.

While it may seem challenging to hire international employees, there are many situations where this is the best move for your business. Don't get confused by the myths surrounding this issue! An international employee could be the perfect fit for your company. If you are still not sure if recruiting international employees is right for you, read our next article for 10 more myths about international recruitment. Let us help you make the best choice for your business!

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